Hi, I'm Laura.    


I am a perpetual optimist with a soft spot in my heart for Elvis Presley, cherry pie, and campfires.

You're probably here about my art, though.

When I was a kid, I had an unbounded curiosity & an innate desire to create something where there was nothing. I have been relentlessly pursuing art as long as I can remember. 

Think... more crayons, less charcoal.

I now have a profound fascination with the world & the people that surround me in it, which is why my body of work aims to capture the emotions we feel as humans. I want to not only understand what someone is feeling, but allow a viewer to see and empathize with it as well. More complicated than the things I was exploring as a kid, I'll give you that.

Full circle, I'm still that curious kid, and I just love what I do.... almost as much as the cherry pie.